Life of a new Joiner @ FreeCharge

Anxiety, is a feeling every job seeker would say amen to. At FreeCharge, your experience begins from the moment you are greeted for your interview.  There is a smiling face that guides you through the whole process. Here’s the best part, they take special care to notice the events you had spoken of, and the issues you are facing etc. and make sure that you realize that they are sensitive to your needs and worries.

Then, it’s like the Yay feeling when a kid gets the candy he/she craved for! You get that letter that says “Congratulations!” Ultimate JOY! As for me the day I received that call from FreeCharge was like a pleasant surprise but the experience after is what made it ALL the more spectacular.

I believe, this is true for everyone who joins FreeCharge. Soon after your offer letter reaches your mail, FreeCharge takes you on as its own. There is an immediate bond created that are driven by various programs that are custom made and unique to FreeCharge’s on boarding process. When I say on boarding, do not be mistaken! FreeCharge takes special care to ensure that the person feels at home and is ready to jump on board way before they actually do.

POCE is a special program that is initiated for a candidate who reasonably has a long joining date post offer generation. Via POCE program a new comer gets acquainted with the team he/she will soon call ‘Family’. As part of this program, you are assigned a “Buddy”. This person becomes your ultimate guide for any queries or jitters you get while you wait to join us. Your buddy also might surprise you at times. This might vary from a simple but surprisingly friendly phone call, to a mail that says “Are you up for a Lunch? Let’s get acquainted, say, Tuesday? Let me know!” When it’s POCE, surprises never end! Soon after your buddy is assigned, you might even receive a surprise Goodie at your doorstep! For someone in LOVE with movies… well FreeCharge ensures that you take your break and enjoy the reels before you step in for work.

Your joining date, is no less… how do I put it… loving! There you stand with that one thing you needed, and the overflowing joy spills over, drains down and then anxiety turned joy turns to anticipation. Table and charts are but a few images that fill your brain. Suddenly you’re worried about the job, work environment, people, yes the whole package is plain scary. You walk in, this time you are proud to announce to the receptionist/security ‘Sir, Joining’.

At FreeCharge, you are greeted as if you are already part of the extended family! And your Buddy will be ALL Smiles!

Here’s what I heard when I walked in “I am so glad you are here!” “Here take this! And smile!” “Here’s your bouquet!” “But first! Let’s take a Selfie”, it was a blooming mess of words and I felt like they’re celebrating me! And I am sure there will be more people who can vouch for similar experiences. One warning though! Don’t come in for your joining at FreeCharge with a lot of baggage, when you leave for the day you’ll be juggling bouquets and Goodie bags.

The ultimate incubator!
There is immense need for hand-holding for any new joiner. At FreeCharge, you experience dynamics to such an extent that you couldn’t possibly have expected it ahead of time.  Here, you grow exponentially because the people around you grow at a faster pace at every step. Every employee is an entrepreneur in themselves creating the best product for customers

If you ask me, ‘How does it feel to be a new joiner at FreeCharge?’ Everything you touch seems to be evolving. It’s a fast but forgiving being that thrives on the shoulders of its family. As a new joiner at FreeCharge I am constantly on my toes, my failure areas are being mended, my strengths are being nurtured and I am taught/told every possible time, that it’s not an organization, it’s a dream that came true… it’s not a mistake but an idea that took root and flourished. Then again I am constantly reminded… I am blessed!

Refer N Earn with FreeCharge

Hey FreeChargers! Sharing your love for FreeCharge is now even more rewarding with the freshly revamped referral program. Now you can share the FreeCharge love with your friends,family,colleagues and anyone else you meet anywhere with your very own referral code. And here is the best part, you can earn up to a whopping INR 1000 by doing this. Every time your friend does a recharge or bill payment on FreeCharge, you’ll earn free wallet cash.

Referring your friend is quite simple :

Share your referral code                              Your friend does their first recharge/ bill pay                   



You both get free wallet cash




How to get your code :

  1. Login to your FreeCharge Account
  2. Click on the side menu and click Refer N Earn under Rewards
  3. Invite friends!

Now who said money there ain’t such a thing as easy money ;)

Happy referring!!!!

Project Shifu | New update to our Android & iOS apps

Project Shifu

There is a simple question that we at FreeCharge keep going back to while creating new experiences, “How much do you like paying for your bills?” You enjoy talking to your loved ones, watching television, using the internet and so many of the myriad services that you rely on FreeCharge for but you hate paying for your bills. You’re not alone. We all hate it. We almost never do a good job of paying our bills on time – we keep forgetting when to pay and get inconvenienced in the process.

We want FreeCharge to be that smart, fast and rewarding assistant that drives a reflex habit. Keeping these objectives in mind, we did an update to our apps two weeks ago. From your feedback, we realized that there were some gaps in what we wanted to achieve and what we could achieve. When we move fast and continuously keep pushing the envelope, we falter at times. At FreeCharge, your feedback is the most important validation for everything that we embark on and hence, we decided to fix what was broken, quickly. We are happy to announce the release of project shifu –  a new update for our android and iOS apps and we hope that this update will bring back the magic that you have always come to expect of us. 

Here’s what has changed.

When you are here for the first time :

Paying your bills / recharging your prepaid mobile is further optimized for convenience and speed. We reimagined our home screen to give you easy access to the stuff that you use most often on FreeCharge. The categories can now be accessed by a single tap and the recent transactions seamlessly integrate with your address book. The autosuggest for Android makes selecting a number absolutely simple.

New User


When you are back to do another transaction :

For all those who have been using our apps for a while now, we have made some great improvements to our repeat transaction experience. From the new home screen you can just tap on a recent transaction to view your personalized payment card. You can just select from a list of previous denominations and complete a transaction. If you have money in the wallet, you can complete the transaction in a matter of seconds. 




We are doing a phased roll out of this update and many of you would have already gotten the new update. For those who haven’t, we should have the update available in a couple of days.With this launch, we are making a bold step forward to make your boring payments seamless and we sincerely hope you will enjoy paying your bills with us, like you always have.

Team FreeCharge

Recharge your Mumbai Metro Smart Card on FreeCharge anytime, anywhere

In a bid to ease recharge facilities for commuters, we have launched online recharge facility for smart card users of Mumbai Metro. With this new integration, we will enable Smart Card recharges on our website, Android, iOS and Windows app allowing users to recharge on the go.

Like any other payment of utility bills or recharges, commuter can recharge their stored value card in less than 10 seconds. As far as the process goes, it is developed to comfort, where in commuters only need to enter their unique smart card number which will lead to the payment gateways. Once the recharge is successful the user will receive a message/mail.

With answering to the woes of thousands of daily metro passengers, we are set to take on another level of taxing payments, metro card recharges. It will gather a gamut of utility payments along with recharges under one roof, making the boring transactions stress-free and gratifying for its customers. These smart card recharges will empower metro commuters quit long queues and recharge their smart cards anytime and anywhere.

We are making smart card recharge not only convenient but rewarding through various exciting discount coupons. We have recently launched an exciting offer for commuters wherein every recharge of INR 100 and above will get INR 100 cash back. This offer is valid till 31st October 2015.

A note about our new app update

Dear FreeChargers,

Last week, we rolled out updates to our Android and iOS apps. The update brought in a broad change in the way how each one of you have been using FreeCharge for all this while. Our design and product philosophy has always been about one core principle – We want to make your everyday transactions invisible by reducing the clutter, doing one task at a time and providing a fast, safe and seamless experience.

 A vast majority of our customers come back to us several times a month and sometimes several times a week to pay their bills. When we embarked on our redesign, we wanted to create an absolutely simple repeat experience for our returning customer, while keeping the new user experience simple and easy. One of the ways we wanted to make your recharges more personal was to save your frequently used numbers as favorites and give you a single click recharge experience. By doing this, we were hoping to create an experience that doesn’t require you to key in the same details every time, each time you come back to us. ( like in our previous versions. ) After all, we don’t recharge numbers, we recharge for people.


We are a week old with this update now and the feedback that we are receiving tells us that we are not creating delight for you – Creating delight is something that you have come to expect of us and that’s completely not OK for us to not achieve. Many of you have written to us stating as to how it has become harder for you to use our apps. A lot of comments are around  the mandatory favorite adding step being obtrusive, editing an operator being cumbersome and the overall recharge flow being complex and confusing.


We want to unconditionally apologize to you for the inconvenience caused with this new update. We made a mistake. Clearly, there has been gaps in our judgement on whats a great experience for you and also the way we interpreted the data that we got from our beta community, focus group discussions and user testing results. What we believed would make your experience better has not achieved that goal and it’s not OK for us. It’s not OK for us to have a product experience that doesn’t set you up for delight.


As we speak, the teams are working extremely hard to incorporate your feedback and release an update that will address many, if not all of your concerns. We are confident that the update that is planned to roll out in the next few days will get us back on track and help us win your trust and support back.


We want to thank you for your support and patronage through these years and we want to re assure that the only success criteria for us is when we can delight you, every single time. Please do keep writing to us about what you think about FreeCharge and your feedback is the single most powerful tool for us make our product better and delightful. Our email is


Team FreeCharge.

Where did my coupons go?

FreeCharge started in Aug 2010 with a product that rewarded users for each transaction. Post each recharge, paper coupons arrived via snail mail at our users’ doorstep. We also enabled real world sharing of such small joys by always sending a few extra ones. We partnered with some of the most iconic brands like McDonalds, PVR, Dominos, etc. in India to get the best, exclusive coupons for our users. This generated viral growth and more importantly, loyal users who helped us become a household brand name.

Over the years, our coupons evolved dramatically. We moved the entire coupon distribution process online. We added newer categories of coupons such as apparel, ecommerce, spas and travel with hundreds of merchant partners. We collaborated with banks to give out exclusive coupons via ATMs. We also experimented with multiple visual paradigms on all our platforms to make users feel special while receiving these premium coupons.

Now, we have reached the next stage of evolution for coupons. In this release of all our apps, you will see that the coupon experience is no longer available while performing a recharge or paying a bill. We miss it as much as you do too! We are working very hard on making this even more magical for you, read further down for all the scoop. Meanwhile, not to worry, we shall send you our best coupons within the recharge invoice email. Just click on the link in the email to claim these coupons.

coupons in email

Very soon, we shall open up the doors of FreeCharge Rewards for you. It is a platform that reinvents how loyalty programs are perceived across the globe. Users shall be rewarded for making transactions on the entire FreeCharge + Snapdeal ecosystem and all merchants that accept FreeCharge as a payment instrument. Till then, stay tuned!

p.s. Your coupons are in your email

FreeCharge partners exclusively with Shoppers Stop

FreeCharge announced its exclusive partnership with India’s leading fashion retailer – Shoppers Stop. As part of the exclusive tie-up, Shoppers Stop’s customers will be empowered with the feature rich FreeCharge Wallet. Customers will have the option to use their FreeCharge Wallet to make payments at all 74 Shoppers Stop stores across the country as well as on the webstore The partnership will also extend to the Shoppers Stop Ltd. group companies such as 17 outlets of HyperCity, 95 stores of Crossword and 19 stores of HomeStop across India.

Shoppers Stop’s recently announced partnership with Snapdeal has already paved the way for its omni-channel journey. This partnership will further amplify the efforts in narrowing the gap between online and offline shopping experience for customers. FreeCharge with its proven expertise in the digital world will help enhance the payment experience of Shoppers Stop customers.

We are focused on changing consumer habits in the digital space and understand that the world will embrace habit commerce in future. Digital Wallets will play an important role in driving habits especially in the offline space.