FreeCharge + Snapdeal = Exciting Times Ahead

Dear FreeChargers,

Today, I am excited to share that FreeCharge, India’s fastest growing mobile transactions platform, is joining forces with India’s largest online marketplace – Snapdeal and together we build the Most Impactful Digital Commerce Ecosystem in India. This is being recognized as one of the most significant acquisitions in the history of the internet industry in the country, making us together the Largest Mobile Commerce Company in India.

FreeCharge & Snapdeal

In just over 4 years, FreeCharge has not only garnered huge amount of brand love but also made mobile recharging and bill payments a very convenient and rewarding experience for more than 20 million users. Mobile transactions on FreeCharge app have grown by 60X in 2014 driven through 10+ Million App Downloads.

With over 85% of transactions coming from mobile, FreeCharge is truly a mobile-first brand. We are grateful for the love and trust you have reposed in us all these years. Below is a quick glimpse of the team that is all set to build one of the finest world class shopping experiences for you.

FreeCharge & Snapdeal teams share their thoughts:


Special thanks to our stellar 200+ member team at FreeCharge for their relentless efforts in this journey and our visionary investors Sequoia, RuNet, Sofina, Valiant Capital Partners and Tybourne Capital Management who backed us all the way.

With this new partnership, we strive to delight you in more ways than ever. We look forward to your continued love and support. Here’s to the exciting times ahead.

Onwards & Upwards,
Kunal Shah

FreeCharge wins Best Consumer Mobile Service & Best eCommerce Website Awards at IAMAI Digital Awards

We are thrilled to announce that FreeCharge has won the 5th India Digital Awards for – Consumer Mobile Service & eCommerce Website in Specialized Category.
The awards were presented to Team FreeCharge at the grand ceremony held in New Delhi on 15th Jan 2015 at the India Digital Summit.

Here are the trophies


The Bangalore team with the award


Celebrations at the Mumbai office

Its a great moment for Team FreeCharge to be chosen as a winner amongst the best in India. Our sincere thanks to our users, customers, partners and supporters who have believed in FreeCharge.
Looking ahead to great times. Keep FreeCharging :)

Introducing Voice Recharge on FreeCharge App for Windows Phone

FreeCharge Windows App

As we continue our efforts to make your recharge experience simpler and faster, today we are happy to introduce Voice Recharge on FreeCharge App for Windows Phone.

Voice Recharge is next step in your recharge experience. No more filling long forms, going through multiple steps or entering never ending details – now a single voice command to your phone will complete your transaction! Just say ‘FreeCharge Me’ or any other voice command you have created and its done. We have included a small video to show you how this works.

How to create a voice card:

On completion of any successful transaction on the FreeCharge App for Windows Phone, you will be shown a option to ‘Save as Voice Card’. You can save the voice card by a nick name of your choice, for eg. – “Me”. Or if you are recharging for your friend (say Alok) you can save as “Alok”. That’s it! You can view all your voice cards in the Menu Option. Make sure you have FreeCharge credits available in your account. That makes your recharges fly.

Next time, use the magic of Cortana (Microsoft Cortana or basic speech recognition capability available in Windows Phone). Long press the search button and say “FreeCharge Me” or “FreeCharge Alok” and respective numbers will be automagically recharged as shown in the video above.

Just pick up your Windows Phone, say your magic words and get your recharge done. More to come, till then Keep FreeCharging :)

Thank you FreeChargers for the 5 Million Downloads

FreeCharge - 5 Million Downloads on Google Play

Today we are extremely happy to announce a huge milestone in our growth journey. Your favourite app – FreeCharge has now completed over 5 Million Downloads for its Android version on the Google Play Store.

We would like to take an opportunity to thank all of you – this includes users, customers, partners, evangelists and supporters who have been with us and helped us immensely by sharing your feedback, insights, bugs (yes that too) and many valuable notes that has helped us stay motivated in our journey to build FreeCharge into a awesome product experience out of India. And with your ongoing support, FreeCharge will continue to accelerate its growth.

Our growth story in Android app has been both exceptional & exponential. Everyday, over 80% of all transactions on FreeCharge happen on Mobile Apps now, at times even crossing 90%. We are humbled and thankful to you for making us no.1 Shopping / eCommerce app in India. We will continue with making your Mobile Recharges & Bill Payment experiences rewarding and delightful.

There are many more interesting things lined up for you in coming days. To begin with, we have selectively started rolling out a new & improved product for our Android users and actively collecting feedback on that. Do feel free to try it out (Download from Google Play), more on that soon once we release the update to everyone.

Once again, Thanks for your continued support. Keep FreeCharging :)

Showcasing : Our First Television Advertisement

Our journey to turn every Mobile Recharge & Bill Payment into a Rewarding Experience started 4 years ago.

FreeCharge not only makes the process of recharging convenient but is also the Simplest, Fastest and the most Secure way to do so. We are thankful and extremely grateful for the support we have received in this journey and hope this continues further. We ensure traveling the extra mile each time to delight our users.

Earlier this month, we launched our first television campaign (showcased below) to introduce the FreeCharge experience to a wider audience in India.


We are overwhelmed by the positive reactions & feedback we have received on our campaign. Featuring some of them on FreeCharge blog, though we may not able to showcase all of them, we loved them all.

Aaj se Recharge Nahin… FreeCharge :)

Piyo Pepsi abhi. FreeCharge abhi.

We want it all. We want it right now. That just about sums up the times we live in. And that’s also what our brand-new promotion is all about.

Thirsty? Your phone running out of juice? Pick up a litre of Pepsi. Check under the label for an 11-digit code for 20 bucks. Hit to redeem it and get recharged! So let’s say you typically go for a full talktime plan of 100, you pay only Rs.80 for 100 bucks of talktime. What’s more, you could pay 10 bucks more and get coupons worth the same 100 bucks as well. We’ll leave you to do the math. And while you’re at it, watch Dhoni, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor and Virat Kohli talk about recharging. It’s a proud moment for a start-up like us! Don’t forget to spread the word.

P.S.: This blog post was written under the influence of Pepsi, so pardon the excessive use of caffeine-induced exclamation points!

For the love of FreeCharge

In this age of communication overload, when we’re swarmed with updates, notifications, e-mails, phone calls and what not, we hit the ‘pause’ button when someone takes the time out to write about their experience like this:Image
And this:
Then this:
It’s heartening to see we aren’t stuck in some delusion of grandeur.
We aren’t the only ones who love us.
We’re not just about recharging and coupons.
We’ve touched people’s lives.

There’s more love where this came from. To be continued.