FreeCharge Wallet to leverage the power of Aadhaar

FreeCharge to offer doorstep KYC to increase wallet balance limit to Rs.100, 000

FreeCharge will adopt Aadhaar as the primary KYC tool for opening and upgrading wallets.

Consumers who enrol for a FreeCharge wallet with Aadhaar authentication can have their balance limit enhanced from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 Lakh. Also, there will be no monetary limit on transactions making the wallet truly versatile. FreeCharge, which has already hit the million wallets mark within a week of launch, believes that being Aadhaar enabled is key to mass adoption and ubiquitous usage.

Consumers can link their FreeCharge Wallet to their Aadhaar number in multiple ways like–doorstep service available on demand, consumers can also authenticate by walking into any of the 30,000 banking correspondent points of FreeCharge partner YES bank, or walk into any branch of YES Bank. In the future this service will also be available with FINO – the Payments bank licensee a strategic partner of FreeCharge.

FreeCharge also plans to leverage Snapdeal’s extensive delivery reach to scale the doorstep KYC model and will soon launch the pilot in metros and then scale this nationwide.

Powered by cutting edge technology FreeCharge wallet, is a robust and flexible platform that leverages enabling technologies such as Host Card Emulation (HCE), Near Field Communication (NFC), Quick Response (QR) code and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create the most intuitive consumer experience. The company is focused on building habit commerce and through its key partnerships with utility companies and leading consumer brands; it is co-creating the most compelling consumer experience.

A note about our new app update

Dear FreeChargers,

Last week, we rolled out updates to our Android and iOS apps. The update brought in a broad change in the way how each one of you have been using FreeCharge for all this while. Our design and product philosophy has always been about one core principle – We want to make your everyday transactions invisible by reducing the clutter, doing one task at a time and providing a fast, safe and seamless experience.

 A vast majority of our customers come back to us several times a month and sometimes several times a week to pay their bills. When we embarked on our redesign, we wanted to create an absolutely simple repeat experience for our returning customer, while keeping the new user experience simple and easy. One of the ways we wanted to make your recharges more personal was to save your frequently used numbers as favorites and give you a single click recharge experience. By doing this, we were hoping to create an experience that doesn’t require you to key in the same details every time, each time you come back to us. ( like in our previous versions. ) After all, we don’t recharge numbers, we recharge for people.


We are a week old with this update now and the feedback that we are receiving tells us that we are not creating delight for you – Creating delight is something that you have come to expect of us and that’s completely not OK for us to not achieve. Many of you have written to us stating as to how it has become harder for you to use our apps. A lot of comments are around  the mandatory favorite adding step being obtrusive, editing an operator being cumbersome and the overall recharge flow being complex and confusing.


We want to unconditionally apologize to you for the inconvenience caused with this new update. We made a mistake. Clearly, there has been gaps in our judgement on whats a great experience for you and also the way we interpreted the data that we got from our beta community, focus group discussions and user testing results. What we believed would make your experience better has not achieved that goal and it’s not OK for us. It’s not OK for us to have a product experience that doesn’t set you up for delight.


As we speak, the teams are working extremely hard to incorporate your feedback and release an update that will address many, if not all of your concerns. We are confident that the update that is planned to roll out in the next few days will get us back on track and help us win your trust and support back.


We want to thank you for your support and patronage through these years and we want to re assure that the only success criteria for us is when we can delight you, every single time. Please do keep writing to us about what you think about FreeCharge and your feedback is the single most powerful tool for us make our product better and delightful. Our email is


Team FreeCharge.

Where did my coupons go?

FreeCharge started in Aug 2010 with a product that rewarded users for each transaction. Post each recharge, paper coupons arrived via snail mail at our users’ doorstep. We also enabled real world sharing of such small joys by always sending a few extra ones. We partnered with some of the most iconic brands like McDonalds, PVR, Dominos, etc. in India to get the best, exclusive coupons for our users. This generated viral growth and more importantly, loyal users who helped us become a household brand name.

Over the years, our coupons evolved dramatically. We moved the entire coupon distribution process online. We added newer categories of coupons such as apparel, ecommerce, spas and travel with hundreds of merchant partners. We collaborated with banks to give out exclusive coupons via ATMs. We also experimented with multiple visual paradigms on all our platforms to make users feel special while receiving these premium coupons.

Now, we have reached the next stage of evolution for coupons. In this release of all our apps, you will see that the coupon experience is no longer available while performing a recharge or paying a bill. We miss it as much as you do too! We are working very hard on making this even more magical for you, read further down for all the scoop. Meanwhile, not to worry, we shall send you our best coupons within the recharge invoice email. Just click on the link in the email to claim these coupons.

coupons in email

Very soon, we shall open up the doors of FreeCharge Rewards for you. It is a platform that reinvents how loyalty programs are perceived across the globe. Users shall be rewarded for making transactions on the entire FreeCharge + Snapdeal ecosystem and all merchants that accept FreeCharge as a payment instrument. Till then, stay tuned!

p.s. Your coupons are in your email

FreeCharge partners exclusively with Shoppers Stop

FreeCharge announced its exclusive partnership with India’s leading fashion retailer – Shoppers Stop. As part of the exclusive tie-up, Shoppers Stop’s customers will be empowered with the feature rich FreeCharge Wallet. Customers will have the option to use their FreeCharge Wallet to make payments at all 74 Shoppers Stop stores across the country as well as on the webstore The partnership will also extend to the Shoppers Stop Ltd. group companies such as 17 outlets of HyperCity, 95 stores of Crossword and 19 stores of HomeStop across India.

Shoppers Stop’s recently announced partnership with Snapdeal has already paved the way for its omni-channel journey. This partnership will further amplify the efforts in narrowing the gap between online and offline shopping experience for customers. FreeCharge with its proven expertise in the digital world will help enhance the payment experience of Shoppers Stop customers.

We are focused on changing consumer habits in the digital space and understand that the world will embrace habit commerce in future. Digital Wallets will play an important role in driving habits especially in the offline space.

FreeCharge’s new power packed Digital Wallet

FreeCharge, India’s leading digital platform for recharge and utility payments, with a volume of over 200 million transactions annually, recently launched FreeCharge Digital Wallet. The ‘comprehensive and trusted’ digital wallet service will transform mobile and web transactions by facilitating easy and secure payments. The wallet is launched in partnership with YES bank, one of India’s leading private sector banks.

With an ecosystem of 8.2 million daily unique users, 4 million monthly engaged hours, 15 million stored cards, combined with GMV of over USD 4 billion, the FreeCharge Digital Wallet is set to become India’s most used wallet in the next 6 months.

In line with Snapdeal’s vision of building the most impactful digital commerce ecosystem in India, the FreeCharge digital wallet will enable a culture of digital payments through multiple partnerships. In addition to a large and robust network of merchant partners, FreeCharge will partner with FINO – a payments bank licensee to build scale and ability to reach even the under-served.

FreeCharge Digital Wallet is powered by cutting edge technology, consumer behaviour insights and innovations in payments. It is a robust and flexible platform that leverages enabling technologies such as HCE, NFC, QR code and BLE to bring in efficiencies in the consumers’ purchase experience.

Stay tuned to get more updates about our new Digital Wallet!!!!

Project Odin | Bill Payments 2.0

After becoming a one stop shop for mobile recharge, postpaid mobile bill, DTH and Datacard payments, it was natural progression for FreeCharge to foray into other utility payment categories such as electricity. However we didn’t just want to add a few more forms without solving any real problem. So we took a step back and tried to understand the bill payments from a customer’s point of view.

To a customer, bill payments is an unwanted yet unavoidable monthly chore. Nobody likes to remember bill details, conduct a treasure hunt for bill amount on paper bills printed by ‘invisible’ ink, keep track of due date and finally, pay the bills. Now some things are unavoidable but we resolved to solve the rest. We think, customer doesn’t have to-

  1. Remember account number/customer ID
  2. Search for bill amount
  3. Keep a track of bill generation or due date
  4. Manage billers at multiple places

Personalized turbo billpay
To enable the successful enrollment in the first go, we stayed true to our “one input at a time” philosophy. Every input is supported by either dropdown menus or tool tips such as examples numbers.



After the customer inputs the key identifier such as account ID, additional information such as bill amount, due date etc. are fetched from the biller in real time so that customer can verify the details and proceed to pay. If no bill is pending, customer can save the biller for future.


Biller is ‘automagically’ saved and fetched in the next cycle after aforementioned steps. All the saved billers are shown on personalized bill payment home screen of the logged in user. Here the customer can view the bill amount and proceed to payment in one click.



Once the customer saves a biller, we take the responsibility to remind her about bill generation and due date arrival via SMS/emails at appropriate time. Customer can click the link in the notification and pay the bill instantly.

My Billers

The customer can manage all the bills at My Billers. She can switch notifications on/off or add/delete a biller. In the pursuit of customer’s convenience, we take some proactive decisions but the final control is left to the customer.


We really hope that you like our initial steps toward making bill payments a pain-free and convenient experience. Please give bill payments a spin on We’ll appreciate a feedback note at to help us improve further.

List of available utility providers on FreeCharge as on August 21, 2015.

  1. APSPDCL – Southern Power Distribution Company Ltd Andhra Pradesh
  2. BESCOM Bangalore
  3. BEST Mumbai
  4. Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board
  5. JVVNL – Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd
  6. JDVVNL – Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd
  7. MP Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Indore
  8. Reliance Energy Mumbai
  9. Mahanagar Gas Mumbai