Showcasing : Our First Television Advertisement

Our journey to turn every Mobile Recharge & Bill Payment into a Rewarding Experience started 4 years ago.

FreeCharge not only makes the process of recharging convenient but is also the Simplest, Fastest and the most Secure way to do so. We are thankful and extremely grateful for the support we have received in this journey and hope this continues further. We ensure traveling the extra mile each time to delight our users.

Earlier this month, we launched our first television campaign (showcased below) to introduce the FreeCharge experience to a wider audience in India.


We are overwhelmed by the positive reactions & feedback we have received on our campaign. Featuring some of them on FreeCharge blog, though we may not able to showcase all of them, we loved them all.

Aaj se Recharge Nahin… FreeCharge :)

Piyo Pepsi abhi. FreeCharge abhi.

We want it all. We want it right now. That just about sums up the times we live in. And that’s also what our brand-new promotion is all about.

Thirsty? Your phone running out of juice? Pick up a litre of Pepsi. Check under the label for an 11-digit code for 20 bucks. Hit to redeem it and get recharged! So let’s say you typically go for a full talktime plan of 100, you pay only Rs.80 for 100 bucks of talktime. What’s more, you could pay 10 bucks more and get coupons worth the same 100 bucks as well. We’ll leave you to do the math. And while you’re at it, watch Dhoni, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor and Virat Kohli talk about recharging. It’s a proud moment for a start-up like us! Don’t forget to spread the word.

P.S.: This blog post was written under the influence of Pepsi, so pardon the excessive use of caffeine-induced exclamation points!

For the love of FreeCharge

In this age of communication overload, when we’re swarmed with updates, notifications, e-mails, phone calls and what not, we hit the ‘pause’ button when someone takes the time out to write about their experience like this:Image
And this:
Then this:
It’s heartening to see we aren’t stuck in some delusion of grandeur.
We aren’t the only ones who love us.
We’re not just about recharging and coupons.
We’ve touched people’s lives.

There’s more love where this came from. To be continued.

A night to remember.

We burnt a lot of midnight oil, finished 3 years, changed our logo, did back to back grave yard shifts, touched 3 lakh fans on Facebook, launched our mobile site, forgot we were doing a job, and landed up celebrating with Jobs – the movie. Ironic, eh? That’s how we roll.

We invited a cool bunch comprising UI/UX geeks, design freaks, FreeCharge fans, PR people, Apple fanatics, and of course, movie buffs, to watch the much-awaited biopic. The movie theatre was all ours. Free popcorn and cola always tastes good. Ditto on the movie. The turnout was even better.

It was a fun Friday evening, overall. But we’ll let you be the judge. Here’s a glimpse of the night that was.

image 2 

image 3



You are here


Picture this: You are in Chennai, it’s hot outside (when is it not?) and you want to use that cool Gelato coupon FreeCharge gave you – but unfortunately, just when you step out, you realise that it’s applicable in Bangalore (where the weather is always lovely). So what do you do? You hate Bangalore. You hate Gelatos. You hate FreeCharge too!

And that’s where this nifty new function comes into play. 



Why? Your address speaks volumes about you. The more we know about you, the better we can serve you. Where you live also tells us what you like, what you hate or what you don’t care for. But no, we won’t judge you. We’ll simply sort all the offers available on our website, based on the city you select. So the next time you’re in a hurry and you need to recharge, you don’t have to click on the ‘know more’ link on the left corner to figure out the details. You also wouldn’t be stuck with coupons that aren’t applicable where you are. Just update your city in your profile and let the magic happen. Oh, wait, if you’re a modern-day nomad, unselect the city and you’ll see offers across India. Cool? Tell us what you think. 

Advertainment, anyone?

There are ads.
There is entertainment.
And there’s a thin line that separates the two, it’s what we call advertainment.

We tried our hand at this thing a while back and called it Emotional Atya-charge (clever, eh?) and it went viral.

So we decided to take it one step further and launched a contest – AdQuest: Hunt for India’s best Advertainers (in association with Marcell, IIM Calcutta) across campuses in India. The contest was all about students bringing together the best of advertising and entertainment in the form of a video, with a FreeCharge quotient that’s integral to the central theme.


Close to 2000 students registered in India’s 1st advertainment contest. Over 150 videos were received from 50 campuses. And the response has been phenomenal! Check out the epic madness for yourself. Watch the videos, here.

We are sure, the budding marketing talent will make you go wow!

The curious case of missing coupons


There are 2 types of FreeChargers – one type that tells us how much they love us for giving them a fun (and almost free) movie/coffee/shopping/dining experience, and then there’s this other bunch that tells us they never got the coupons and they’re not feeling much love for us. This yo-yo love-hate thing makes us feel like we’re married to a PMS-ing wife!

Believe us when we tell you that the whole point of FreeCharge is to give you more value for less and we want you to enjoy what’s rightfully yours. So here’s a shout out to all you guys who give us grief saying we don’t send you coupons. We put together a few tips on how not to miss your coupons:

  1. First things first, check if it’s an e-coupon or a physical coupon (the tiny tag on the top right of the coupon will tell you what type it is).
  2.  If it’s a physical coupon, give us up to 7 business days to deliver it to your doorstep. Double check to see if your address is right. We’ll also e-mail you your consignment details so you can track it.
  3. E-coupon? Please check your inbox (the e-mail Id you use to register with us) immediately! It helps to add us to your address book; our e-mails won’t land up in spam then. We also run a validation by marking ourselves a bcc when we send you the coupons, so if we get the mail, you will too!
  4. If you still don’t receive the coupons, talk to us, we’re here to help. The fastest and most effective way to get in touch with us is via the customer support form – we don’t want your rants to get lost on social media. We’ll get back soon. Promise!

Hope this helps.