Freecharge extends electricity and gas bill payments to new markets!


Utility bill payments have been synonymous to standing in long endless queues, an utter  waste of time and energy. It is one of the most annoying and stressful tasks you just can’t escape from! 

We at Freecharge have identified this gap and are here to make your life much more simpler. Now you can pay your pipeline gas bills & electricity bills sitting at home or on the go using the Freecharge wallet. 

These services are now available for the following markets as well:

  • Ajmer – Electricity
  • Telangana – Electricity
  • Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company – Electricity
  • Tripura State Electricity Board – Electricity
  • Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation – Electricity
  • Meghalaya State Electricity Board – Electricity
  • Adani Gas, Ahmedabad – Gas
  • Gujarat Gas – Gas


You can also use the Freecharge wallet for numerous other services like payment of telephone and DTH bills, recharges and for shopping at various brand outlets and online platforms. The Chat-n-Pay feature can be used to seamlessly chat and pay in a secure way with friends and family in less than 5 seconds. This interface also serves to connect merchants and consumers to chat, shop and pay – Person-to-Merchant (P2M) payments.

Freecharge now the first digital payments app to launch on Windows 10!

We’re thrilled to announce that our services will now be available on Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10.

You can download the Freecharge app from the Windows store and experience an adaptive layout coupled with a great user interface on screens of all sizes including tablets, laptops and desktops. The app has adaptive tiles that showcase contextual data. While the normal tile displays the wallet balance, the wide tile indicates the wallet balance and also sends reminders on deals and offers. The large tile displays the details of most recent transactions undertaken by the customer.


Here’s what Govind Rajan our CEO had to say,

We are excited to be the first in the payments industry to launch a unified app for Windows 10 to be accessed via tablets, laptops, and desktops. This integration will help us widen our user base by reaching out to millions of consumers on the Windows platform. The unified app on Windows will provide an engaging user experience and seamless transaction with our less-than-10 second payment completion process. Freecharge has rapidly gained acceptance as a trusted and easy-to-use replacement for cash among merchants and consumers as we aim to achieve our mission of becoming the Digital Payment OS of India. 


You can also do an end to end recharge and make bill payments using Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-based smart assistant. Cortana works by using the ‘Favorites feature in the app. It recognizes names that users set in Favorites and transacts for those favorites without opening the Freecharge app. You can make transactions on Cortana (both text and voice input supported) without even opening the application!


Harish Vaidyanathan, Director of Independent Software Vendor Programs at Microsoft, said – 

The payment industry in India has seen an enormous change in the past few years. This change has been fueled by digitally empowered consumers and the rapid growth of technology. The availability of Freecharge on Windows10 underscores our commitment to provide unified experiences to our consumers and also ensure a seamless digital payment experience. Adding to the consumer experience, the new app offers Cortana integration that will allow consumers to make transactions with just a text and voice input, without having to open the app. The new app integrates beautifully with the Windows 10 interface and we are confident that our consumers will enjoy the Freecharge experience


Making a transaction on the Windows 10 app is extremely easy. We’ll tell you how.


  1. Chose a payment option, for example – Mobile (recharge)
  2. Choose a tariff plan and add payment information


3. Click on ‘Proceed to Pay’


We will also be launching the Windows 10 app for Smartphones next month. So stay tuned, folks!

OnTheGo Pin to help you make a hassle-free payment in less than 10 seconds!

We all have been through a headache and hassle of paying with cards during a purchase. You dig your wallet for the card, give it to the cashier, he swipes it, and the doomed ‘Transaction Failed’ message appears on the card swipe machine. You then look for your next preferred card and there it is once again – ‘Transaction Failed’! This goes on till he politely shows you the door and requests you to visit the nearest ATM. Not just this, you are unable to complete a transaction when the OTP message is delayed and the shopkeeper tells you to hurry up as there are more people waiting.

Worry no more! Freecharge is here to rescue you from such embarrassing situations. Our ‘OnTheGo Pin’ feature makes all your payment processes swifter and secure and allows you to finish them in less than 10 seconds.


And to your surprise, it even works when you are not connected to the internet! Surprised? We’ll tell you how:

On The Go - Border.gif

Now that you know how it works, go ahead and try it out yourself. We are sure you will never go back to using your card. Enjoy cashless payments with Freecharge.:)


Freecharge bill reminders make bill payments more convenient

Here’s good news for all those users who usually tend to forget bill due dates or find the whole process of paying bills tedious! Freecharge users will now get bill due date reminders two days in advance and then they can pay in a swifter and secure way in less than 10 seconds!

Now Pay Bills on Time with Freecharge Reminders

Freecharge reminders will remove the friction from the whole process and will auto-enroll consumers so they will be able to make payments in just two taps.


Commenting on the announcement, Govind Rajan, our CEO said,

“We are working towards making payments seamless, frictionless and reliable for both consumers and merchants. The latest bill reminder feature on our platform will help elevate the customer experience and remove the hassle of paying the late fee. Consumers can pay- on-the-go within 10 seconds and keep a track of all their bills with our auto-enroll feature and never forget any bill payments. ”  


Freecharge is now available at over 1, 00,000 merchants in both online and offline segment to influence the daily payment habits of consumers and enable them to move from cash to digital payments. With various services on the platform like Auto-enroll, Chat-n-Pay and now bill reminders, Freecharge is creating new industry benchmarks making Freecharge wallet ubiquitous in consumers’ daily lives.

Don’t shoot the messenger when the message stings!

Realisation has recently dawned upon our friends at MobiKwik that the new kid on the block has overtaken them.

And what do they do? No, it’s not introspection or course correction. No attempt to rise up themselves.

Instead, they choose to try and pull down the climbers. Reminds us of a particular crustacean!

Some facts:

  1. It’s syndicated track data and not custom data. Clear as sunlight. This data is from the Nielsen Smartphone Android Panel that covers usage of standalone payment apps and not payments as a service.
  2. But, it is no surprise that some folks are indeed trying to influence outcomes through custom reports (as inadvertently? Revealed in MobiKwik’s email)
  3. Six thousand is a very robust sample size by any standard. Somebody needs to revisit their lessons on probability and statistics.  A primer on statistics is on the way.. Hope it helps!

And now, maybe our friends at MobiKwik  will do what they should have done in the first place…focus on creating a great product and great user experience. The rest will follow:)

– Company Statement

Now pay with Freecharge wallet at over 100,000 merchants across India!

We have another exciting news to share with you all.

Reaching another milestone in less than 8 months, you can now use our wallet to pay at over 100,000 merchants in both online and offline segments! With this momentum, we are eyeing new benchmarks in the industry and aim to reach 5 million merchants in next 18 months, with our wallet gaining large scale acceptance as a trusted and easy-to-use replacement for cash.

Announcing this milestone, Govind Rajan our CEO said,

“We are excited to be now part of over 100,000 merchant’s digital payments journey. In the last 8 months, we have expanded our reach in various sectors like F&B, commute, travel, e-commerce, retail, entertainment, ticketing etc. making our wallet ubiquitous in consumer’s day to day lives. We believe by fostering partnerships we have built an ecosystem which has helped us inch closer to our mission of becoming the Digital Payment OS of India. We foresee digital payments as the next big game changer in the way consumers and merchants do commerce today. We are here to create a habit by making digital transactions swifter, easy-to-use and secure for merchants and customers. We thank our merchants for their strong support. This milestone echoes the merchants’ trust and faith in Freecharge.”

 We have expanded our reach by partnering with payment aggregators like ePaisa, CCAvenue, Ezetap & Pine Labs to facilitate payments through the our wallet at various PoS terminals and online payment gateways. We have also forged partnerships with brands like Shoppers Stop, McDonalds, Café Coffee Day, Cleartrip, RedBus, OYO to name a few. Crossing a million transactions a month in February, there has been a growth of 15-20% per month.Our innovations like On-The-Go-Pin, Chat-n-Pay service have further fueled the adoption of wallet and has enabled payments within 10 seconds. With a 99% success rate, Freecharge has the best payments success rate in the country.

Recently, data collected as part of Nielsen India’s Smartphone panel covering a sample size of 6000+ smartphone users,  showed that Freecharge ranked No.1 in terms of reach and time spent amongst the top mobile payment apps in India and this was for time period between Oct’15 and Apr’16. With a 99% success rate, we have the best payments success rate in the country. 

Freecharge Ranks No.1 in Reach & Engagement

We’re proud to announce that the growth for Freecharge in terms of reach and time spent ranked first between Oct’15 and Apr’16 amongst the top mobile payment apps, as per data collected from Nielsen India’s passively metered smartphone panel, covering a sample size of 5000+ connected Android smartphone users, in Urban India.The study covers usage of standalone payment apps only and does not include usage of payments apps integrated into third party apps or usage for offline payments (payments as a service).

Our active reach has increased from 17% in October 2015 to 30% in April 2016, the biggest jump among the topmobile payment apps during this period!

Reach graph-01.jpg

*Active reach is the number of people who use our app at least once a month

 In addition to this, we have gained most on the engagement metric as well. Freecharge emerged as one of the most engaging app, the average time spent on the app per month increased from 28 Minutes to 55 Minutes in the same period. The other large player moved up from 52 min to 56 min in the same time period. We believe that we have made big jumps in reach certainly due to our superior User Interface.

Time graph-01

Our core philosophy is focused on making transactions swifter and more secure. A number of features such as On the Go Pin (patent pending), Speed Pay (making transactions within 10 seconds), first of its kind Social Pay services like Chat n Pay, payments through WhatsApp and consumer engagement initiatives like Data Lifeline have been instrumental in increasing consumer engagement and popularity.


Here’s what our CEO, Govind Rajan had to say about the Nielsen Data:

“Freecharge is driving customer growth through superior user interface. We believe a great user interface, not only promotions, result in sticky consumers. We are obsessed about consumer experience metrics. Transactions on Freecharge take less than 10 seconds and we have industry leading success rates.

We believe we are in the market development stage for digital payments – so in the coming months, our efforts will be aligned to further build awareness and introduce new “sticky” features to build a cashless ecosystem. By contributing to building a cash less ecosystem we believe we will become the no.1 player in the digital payments”


The most recent data for all the top players looks like this:

Reach Apr16-01.jpg

We sincerely want to thank all our customers for the consistent support and we hope to take Freecharge to the next level with continued support from users across India.

Onwards and upwards!


*The Nielsen Informate mobile insights are gathered through a 6000+ member smartphone panel which captures the actual app usage data of the user on a daily basis.