There is more good news for our app users on Windows mobile. With the latest set of updates to the Freecharge app on Windows, you’re sure to have a joyful experience during your transactions with us. So here’s all you need to know.

  1. The Live Tile is more alive: Now you can see your wallet balance & the latest FreeCharge offers all on your home screen, without even having to open the app. Much cool?unnamed
  2. Just voice it to Cortana: Cortana takes care of everything. Just voice your recharge requests to Cortana and before you blink, it’s done!
  3. Better UI, better experience: Now we have an improved recharge, bill payment and transaction history interface than ever. What’s more? We also have a dedicated section for offers which showcase cashback for recharges, bill and merchant payments so you never miss a deal.
  4. Features you’ll love: With our bill payment reminders, we promise you’ll never miss a due date.
    Going out with friends tonight? Update Freecharge app on Windows in both mobile & desktop and split bills with your friends wisely!
  5. QR code to the rescue: Make digital payments to our 50,000+ base of merchants by just scanning their QR Code.Exciting enough? Update the app right away!
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