Dear FreeChargers,

Last week, we rolled out updates to our Android and iOS apps. The update brought in a broad change in the way how each one of you have been using FreeCharge for all this while. Our design and product philosophy has always been about one core principle – We want to make your everyday transactions invisible by reducing the clutter, doing one task at a time and providing a fast, safe and seamless experience.

 A vast majority of our customers come back to us several times a month and sometimes several times a week to pay their bills. When we embarked on our redesign, we wanted to create an absolutely simple repeat experience for our returning customer, while keeping the new user experience simple and easy. One of the ways we wanted to make your recharges more personal was to save your frequently used numbers as favorites and give you a single click recharge experience. By doing this, we were hoping to create an experience that doesn’t require you to key in the same details every time, each time you come back to us. ( like in our previous versions. ) After all, we don’t recharge numbers, we recharge for people.


We are a week old with this update now and the feedback that we are receiving tells us that we are not creating delight for you – Creating delight is something that you have come to expect of us and that’s completely not OK for us to not achieve. Many of you have written to us stating as to how it has become harder for you to use our apps. A lot of comments are around  the mandatory favorite adding step being obtrusive, editing an operator being cumbersome and the overall recharge flow being complex and confusing.


We want to unconditionally apologize to you for the inconvenience caused with this new update. We made a mistake. Clearly, there has been gaps in our judgement on whats a great experience for you and also the way we interpreted the data that we got from our beta community, focus group discussions and user testing results. What we believed would make your experience better has not achieved that goal and it’s not OK for us. It’s not OK for us to have a product experience that doesn’t set you up for delight.


As we speak, the teams are working extremely hard to incorporate your feedback and release an update that will address many, if not all of your concerns. We are confident that the update that is planned to roll out in the next few days will get us back on track and help us win your trust and support back.


We want to thank you for your support and patronage through these years and we want to re assure that the only success criteria for us is when we can delight you, every single time. Please do keep writing to us about what you think about FreeCharge and your feedback is the single most powerful tool for us make our product better and delightful. Our email is


Team FreeCharge.
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