All you need to know about the Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

UPI is here and it’s all set to make lives simpler. With the Unified Payment Interface, all bank account holders can make hassle-free secure fund transfers in an instant without the need to enter bank account information or net banking credentials. You could think of it as an email ID for your money!

To begin using UPI services, you need to create a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) of your choice from your bank and link it to your account. The VPA acts as your financial address and hence you don’t need to remember the beneficiary account number, IFSC code or net banking user id/password for sending or receiving money. Sounds simple enough? Here’s something simpler.

When convenience meets simplicity, we have a perfectly cooked combo! Introducing UPI on FreeCharge powered by Axis PayUPI!
Just head over to the payment section, select UPI, recharge/pay your bills on FreeCharge and get 100% cashback up to ₹50 on your first UPI payment on using code 100UPI. With a one-stop point for accessing different bank accounts, single click authentication and use of virtual ID, say hello to another new, fast and secure payment mode!


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