Instead of Pay Later, how great would it be if it was Pay Never. Well, we can always dream. But the reality is not so bad either. Buy Now Pay Later is fast turning into a consumer favourite. It is what everybody wants – fast, super easy and convenient credit.

So, What’s Pay Later?

Well, it is kind of self-explanatory. You can buy or pay for anything with your pay later account and then pay for it after a fixed number of days or credit period. The biggest draw of Pay Later is that it’s a cashless, cardless payment method.

Advantages of Pay Later

Quick Check-out

Some Pay Later products require you to enter an OTP to complete a transaction while others let you make payments with a single click. No OTP or PINS are required for the transaction, making it a smooth and painless process.

Easy Credit 

Pay Later products give customers an instantcustomers instant credit line. After multiple usages, customers are also able to increase their credit limit and enjoy payment options for a lot more products.

Seamless Payment

Many of the Pay Later products support QR code scanning, so easy payment even at small and medium stores is possible. Also, the money is deducted from the Pay Later account, giving you a snapshot of all your payments in one go.

Helps your credit score

Buy Now Pay Later products are like small loans without heavy interest, so on-time repayment of the same will help your overall credit rating.

Things to look out for

While Pay Later is a relatively easy and seamless credit line, it has its own hurdles you may have to cross. 


Since it is a loan, many financial institutions levy interest on the amount used in the Pay Later product.

But Freecharge Pay Later gives you interest-free* credit. The interest will be given back as Freecharge Cashback that you can use for the bill and online payments later.

Non-repayment fees and other charges

Just like other loan products, Pay Later products will also penalize you in case you don’t repay the amount on time. There are also charges like convenience fees.

With Freecharge Pay Later the convenience fee is waived for the 1st two months and the fees for non-payment of credit amount are also negligible.

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