Change is good.

To go back to a city after a while and see delightful new things. To go to your favourite restaurant and find new additions to an already-delectable menu. To download a new version of a software and find all your unspoken issues fixed. To find out a new way to do an old thing, better and faster. Feels good, doesn’t it? Change is good. And we’re changing too. We’re talking nifty improvements to make your recharging experience all the more worthwhile.


Say hello to the all-new FreeCharge Guarantee!

  • The quicker guarantee
    What can you do in 30 seconds? Eat chocolate? Wait, even that takes longer unless you’re swallowing it. You do that? We digress, but what we’re trying to say here is that recharges on FreeCharge take as less as 30 seconds. Promise!
  • The safer guarantee
    Recharge failed? Chill! Your money goes straight to your FreeCharge Balance instantly and it’s safe for you to use anytime for future transactions. Safer than your wallet, we’d say. At least you don’t get tempted to buy something you don’t need in the mall.
  • The speed guarantee
    Want speed? We’ll give you speed. Your recharging process can get… not 2x, not 5x, but a whopping 10x faster! Just save all your deets, load cash in your FreeCharge Balance and use it to pay whenever you recharge. 3 seconds is all it takes.
  • The rewarding guarantee
    How many times have you got coupons you don’t/can’t/wont use? Plenty, right? Not anymore. We now give you coupons that are worth using. How handy is a ‘buy 1, get 1’ coffee or movie coupon when you’re out on a date and running short of cash? Why would you say no to a complimentary burger and cold drink when you’re super famished? Saving a few bucks on that flight ticket to Goa wouldn’t hurt either, right?
  • The on-the-go guarantee
    We’ve taken FreeCharge to the next level. You can literally recharge on the move. Forget your laptops and desktops, download our android app. It’s new and it’s swell stuff! Tell us what you think.
  • The privileged guarantee
    Last but not the least, we wanted to do something to make you feel special. So we’re offering you some exclusives! Think steal deals and free recharges. Rewards, like special offers customized based on your activity (no stalking though). Surprises, like getting double the value of your recharge (did we say surprise? There, we killed it.) And a lot more!

This is only the beginning of better things to come, watch out for path-breaking stuff in the near future. We owe it all to your feedback (yes, yours) and complaints (that, too) it just helped us get better. Thanks, much!



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    Hi,i am glad that you have improved your service but i want to know why the Mc Donalds coupons are many at times missing from your sites.They are the reason I recharge from this site.

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      Really true even i did reacharge due to mcdonalds coupon others all are available through online searching……
      the KFC coupon is not available in Kochi Kerala….
      Bring more usefull physical coupon………

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    This coupon stuffs are now common, it’s available everywhere.
    Do something new; say for a login; if somebody spends 1,000.00 in a month recharging mobile, DTH whatever; you give automatic 1% cashback. This will help me stick to one site rather than hopping around paytm; komparify or sometimes ngpay. Point is you should give something (always) so that I can stick to it 🙂

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    Recharging through this site is super cool with new advantage of wallet feature. The only major issue that i see here is the lack of prompt customer support. The only way to log a complaint is by filling up the form (i find it waste of time) and then wait for response which you may get if you are lucky enough. Also, it takes hell lot of time to resolve the issue even when the fault is at their end. It’s not about one time experience, i have faced many issues and still facing but i must say that the handling of issues is not at all up to the expectations.
    Other than that, recharge process and offers are simply superb unless you do not face any technical issues.

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      Thanks for commenting, Nitin. We’re working on improving our customer support system. Hope you don’t have complaints in the first place!

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    Awesome Keep it going…………..Dont Change…….God Bless You….A last resort for movie buff….Superhit coupon – Ticketplease…….

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    Tanuj Kumar

    Best site for mobile recharge. but i think if there is policy of points on every recharge in place of coupon is best option. and that earn point later directly used in recharging.

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      bro I guess 70% above are recharging from here only for the coupons…
      And same the websites slogan says
      Freecharge means same amount coupons will be provided…
      That’s really a good offer…

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    Coupons like McD, Big Cinemas, Fun Cinemas etc being discontinued. This may impact on a larger scale majorly they were being used by masses.

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    gs lamba

    food coupons for chandigarh & other towns are not available,also MC Donald coupons are been taken out why

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    request to you to make available Special recharges of mobile such as SMS, DATA Pack, STD Pack etc.
    Anyway, freecharge is a very good site.

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    Nice to see the refurbished site, seems faster. But all hte movie coupons are off. What happened to them. They were the only good ones.

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    Shashank R singh

    Awesome site to use for recharge it’s a easy to use in mobile also.. Love this site…

    Whatever also for my recharge i’m using this website.

    But i’ve suggestion that first one logo was better than new. So if you are able to modified it again then it can be more attractive to see logo.

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    Hi,i am glad that you have improved your service but i want to know why the KFC coupons is only valid in mumbai ,nasik,pune and aurangabad only only …not in delhi why….

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      Naresh Jain

      Arun, I definitely agree with u. they have to tie up with Snap Deal / Flipkart online shopping sites. thnx

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      For cases like that, we make sure your money is safe in FreeCharge Balance. You can use it anytime for future recharging!

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    i liked the article and also the way the new logo is come’s up in the site. It draws the attention of the user that freecharge is changes. It is super to have changes, till now change on free charge made the site better than before.

    Waiting to see the upcoming new ideas of change.

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    Really It is best site for recharging mobile and we get equal value of coupons other site not give us,it’s best than than compare or retailer they don’t give us anything..i every-time use it for recharge my mobile.when i promote this site to our friends,I think you should have to give us point or equal value of voucher for promoting site.

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    Really It is best site for recharging mobile and we get equal value of coupons other site not give us,it’s best than than compare or retailer they don’t give us anything..i every-time use it for recharge my mobile.when i promote this site to our friends,I think you should have to give us point or equal value of voucher for promoting site.

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    free recharge had done all the arrangements but it is forgeted that all the people dosent have an android mobile so i request u to proviede a toolfree number to recharge if may possible

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      Hi Kiran, if you don’t have an android phone, just get it online ( The toll-free idea is a good one, though.

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    it is good as we get alot of offers….but kfc copouns must introduced in punjab also….especially amritsar … 🙂

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      i have too question why only mcdonald removed in intervals tell me the reason behind and explain why?

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    Hi freecharge,
    I was curios, I want to know that why u moved to e coupon and left physical courier ?
    I was recharging from this website for only McDonalds coupon…..and for ur other discounts sometimes….

    ols dont change McDonalds coupon to e coupon….it is a request.. But you can create a option who wants e coupon will get e coupon and like I want pgysical coupon so I will enjoy that…


      1. Reply

        I know mcd coupons were physical coupons… I am still having 5-6 😀 …I was just saying keep mcd physical coupon…dont remove it as there are all e coupons available, so there is a chance of changing that mcd physical coupon to e coupon…

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    prashant ambhore jalgaon

    change is good but mr.tanuj kumar says thate is tru fact.point system will be start for evary coupon and after one weak or month later this point transmited in to richarge value.

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    Everything is Good in FreeCharge, but I never got coupons delivered at my address at many occasions (even though multiple following up with Courier Company). You guys need to tie up with a better/reliable courier service

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    I got mail from my bank-axis regarding Rs 50 cash back and double value coupne, but it’s not showing on your sit, please confirm what would be the proedure or any coupne code.

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    Raju Kevda

    Team, I have not received any of the coupons delivered from beginning. I have done 4 transactions till date. I have even sent emails to customer support but haven’t received any call or reply. Please look into the issue.

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    simple for recharging, easy process and really enjoy while recharging, but please add delhi/ncr in kfc coupons

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    If physical coupons like McDonald’s is delivered with free shipping then will return back or at least give them as E-coupons, because as you have mentioned I usually fail to use all my coupons, so I prefer not to pay anything for coupons.

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    chirag mittal

    PVR Offer its great i used it today…actually i have suggested once to free recharge team to introduce offer for PVR also and they listen to it…thank u so mch

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    pranjal’s very good way to recharge the no. but Im sad because this site is apply for prepaid customer not for postpaid customer & im postpaid customer….. 🙁

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    hey do u have any plans for starting an IVR service like the one paytm is providing to the customers. bcz its a great hit and after that it will make more sense to keep balance in the account. just dial a tollfree number and get your phone recharged without any need for internet service…cool …isnt it ?

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    “Changing is good ”
    i accept this, but why don’t you change your service style,
    an ERROR at the website at serverel times, delay in delevring coupons.
    Please change all of these, then.


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    Hi its urgent, Now a days most of the people are using POST PAID, Please add this option to do the payments through this site, it helps to many mnay people.

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    Anil Kumar Nayini

    Nice one!!! I always use this site for recharging my mobile !!! And you know what I like it !!! Awesome one. The idea of getting reward points on each recharge is very good. +1 for that idea !!!

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    Anil Kumar Nayini

    This is just a suggestion: I tried to check the details of “” in wiki and I couldn’t find it.
    It’s better if it has a wiki page. Most of the guys see wiki pages.

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    Rita kundra

    I am unable to recharge. Since ur. Change. Help me recharge. My 4 mobiles. I am. Waiting for ur customer care to callup.

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