There’s no tool for growth more effective that the empowerment of women – we at FreeCharge truly believe and nurture this. So this Women’s Day, we decided to take a stand against societal labels given to women and redefine it.

But first, we’d like you to give it a shot and tell us how you interpret the below labels:

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We weren’t very surprised with the responses we received (Take a look at them on our Twitter page)
We then decided to give it our own spin. Here’s what we feel:

There’s more! FreeCharge decided to support Padma Shri Awardee Sudha Varghese in her cause of uplifting India’s most marginalised community – the Musahars. For a minimum transaction of ₹20, FreeCharge contributes ₹5 towards her crowdfunded campaign on Milaap.

And lastly, here are the women of steel at FreeCharge Gurgaon & Bangalore.


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