Don’t shoot the messenger when the message stings!

Realisation has recently dawned upon our friends at MobiKwik that the new kid on the block has overtaken them.

And what do they do? No, it’s not introspection or course correction. No attempt to rise up themselves.

Instead, they choose to try and pull down the climbers. Reminds us of a particular crustacean!

Some facts:

  1. It’s syndicated track data and not custom data. Clear as sunlight. This data is from the Nielsen Smartphone Android Panel that covers usage of standalone payment apps and not payments as a service.
  2. But, it is no surprise that some folks are indeed trying to influence outcomes through custom reports (as inadvertently? Revealed in MobiKwik’s email)
  3. Six thousand is a very robust sample size by any standard. Somebody needs to revisit their lessons on probability and statistics.  A primer on statistics is on the way.. Hope it helps!

And now, maybe our friends at MobiKwik  will do what they should have done in the first place…focus on creating a great product and great user experience. The rest will follow 🙂

– Company Statement