The past few months have brought about a lot of questions pertaining to our health and well-being, financial and otherwise. And while we hope all of us will come through this a lot stronger, it’s also given us a good opportunity to financially plan our lives better.

Some of you who’ve invested smartly would have probably realised the importance of having access to those funds. And for those of you who haven’t yet, this is coming in at the right time.

Since we’ve never shied away from looking out for our community of users, it just makes sense to mention services that help in your financial wellbeing. Especially when all it takes is just a few clicks. Seriously, it’s that simple. Especially for those of you who’ve been avoiding a trip to the bank.

Those of you who’ve been regulars on the Freecharge app would’ve spotted Gold, Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposits on the home screen. They’re all good investments, definitely better than keeping cash at home or in a savings account.

Invest in Gold & Mutual Funds

As most of you might know Gold prices are at historic levels. For those of you who invested early this year, you’re shining through but those of you who might like to, just click on that Gold button.

Historical Gold rate trend in India:

Gold prices in India

Why investing in Gold makes sense:

Gold Investment on Freecharge

If your money sits in a savings account, it’s probably best to get going with a Fixed Deposit to start with. Remember, it’s your hard-earned money-it needs to work at least half as hard as you. An FD on the Freecharge app is an Axis Bank fixed deposit, which will get you returns higher than the 3.5% you currently earn on your savings account.

And just in case you like where we going with this money conversation, you might want to check out Mutual Funds. They come in all shapes and sizes, and what might work for one of you might not work for the other. Liquid Funds which normally offer better returns than an FD, higher liquidity and anytime withdrawal might work for some in the current situation, while others might find investing in tax saving funds (equity linked savings scheme) better.

E-gold buy on Freecharge App

Why investing in Mutual Funds is sensible:

We’d suggest you spend your time, browse the app and find the fund(s) that work for you, basis your current financial situation and what you wish to do with the returns.

But the real returns lie in not sitting back in this economic environment but taking charge of your financial wellbeing. And making your money work towards your goals and ambitions. And remember it’s not an either-or situation. You can decide to invest in one of them or all. Just start.

Start investing on Freecharge here!

*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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