For the love of FreeCharge

In this age of communication overload, when we’re swarmed with updates, notifications, e-mails, phone calls and what not, we hit the ‘pause’ button when someone takes the time out to write about their experience like this:Image
And this:
Then this:
It’s heartening to see we aren’t stuck in some delusion of grandeur.
We aren’t the only ones who love us.
We’re not just about recharging and coupons.
We’ve touched people’s lives.

There’s more love where this came from. To be continued.


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    service is very active and reliable I like freeCharge Service.
    but it website did not give cash discount for a valuable customer …………….
    Thanks FreeCharge teem.

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    Sanjay Jain

    Marvelous site. Prompt response & time saving site. “Maja aa jata hai is site par recharge karne se”. Thanks for you team & supported staff.

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    Subhashish sahoo

    Its a awesome site.i alws used to recharge through for 2 years.i paid rs 2 extra for each recharge but in freecharge is far better than any other recharge site.i also recomend my friends to recharge though it.YOU ROCKS FREECHARGE….I LOVE IT.

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    Venkat…recharge’ll done in sec’s…..and no need to worry abt recharge service its simply super,im love it !!! try it guy’s its Awesmmm

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    this is the best recharge i have never seen
    because surely we will get recharge even our internet is too slow and also… the excellent advantage is the recharge is not successfil they will return back our money with in seconds……thanks alot and i love freecharge

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    Rajkumar Pawar

    Service is awesome!!! Instant recharge, I like credit account facility.Though recharge could not succeed, you don’t have to worry about it as it is safe in credit.

    Suggestion:There should be credit account for coupon balance. In this account total coupon balance should be maintained, so that one can use this coupon balance to purchase something when they want.

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    Excellent services but did not get the email of offers like promcodes etc or some other discounted or money back offers

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      Only thing I don’t like is – no information on full talk time offers.
      So I have to go to official website of Airtel or vodaphone to see it.
      It is very problametic. Due to this freecharge is looking more customers.

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    Wasim Khan

    This is excellent Website than other Recharge Websites. I Always use coupons got from Freecharge so i never feel than i spend money on recharge. Its truly free recharge.

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    vijay bahadur

    This is excellent Website than other Recharge Websites. I Always use coupons got from Freecharge so i never feel than i spend money on recharge. Its truly free recharge.

    Vijay Bahadur

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    This is really very best and trusted site. And I really very impressed for this site. Thanks for giving such usable free site to us.

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    It is an awesome offer for the publics to get a freerecharge coupon in an easy way . Myself, biki and i have done this for me and for my famalies many times. Such type of golden opportunities may get some time so we must have to enjoy with this offer. Thanks to all.

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    Pls introduce option of printed coupons in case of McDonalds coupons, which are now delivered as printed coupons only. In case of printed coupons, user will get coupons immediately as well as it will be absolutely free, user will not be required to pay Rs10 as delivery charge. It will also reduce workload of freecharge.

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    Asha Marchande

    I have plenty bottles then what should I do if I get chance to make free recharge only once. give me solution fast.

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    Shailen Minj

    it doesn’t have a sample how to enter promocode and it is not complete in 3 steps. it is asking email id and even if you enter correct password it says enter the correct password. and where is the option to enter unique has lot of things but non sense for me.

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    Sonu Yadav

    I like freecharge a lot where it give me coupons and recharge which i like a lot And i would suggest all the to use this website and it is very safe and secure to use …………:)

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    Just now successfully done my Rs.20 freecharge after buying a slice. The net cost of slice for 1.2L is just Rs.18 only (little bit above the mineral water bottle). Very good service from Pepsi Co Group. 🙂

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    I always make my recharges through freecharge…..
    its so easy n fast…
    gud thing is free coupons of equal amount are given…

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    Naresh Babu Prathi

    Its really amazing. I thought like many advertisement of free recharge this pepsi company may also cheat people. But this is trustworthy and I got 20/- recharge

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