FreeCharge bill reminders make bill payments more convenient

Here’s good news for all those users who usually tend to forget bill due dates or find the whole process of paying bills tedious! Freecharge users will now get bill due date reminders two days in advance and then they can pay in a swifter and secure way in less than 10 seconds!

Now Pay Bills on Time with Freecharge Reminders

Freecharge reminders will remove the friction from the whole process and will auto-enroll consumers so they will be able to make payments in just two taps.


Commenting on the announcement, Govind Rajan, our CEO said,

“We are working towards making payments seamless, frictionless and reliable for both consumers and merchants. The latest bill reminder feature on our platform will help elevate the customer experience and remove the hassle of paying the late fee. Consumers can pay- on-the-go within 10 seconds and keep a track of all their bills with our auto-enroll feature and never forget any bill payments. ”  


Freecharge is now available at over 1, 00,000 merchants in both online and offline segment to influence the daily payment habits of consumers and enable them to move from cash to digital payments. With various services on the platform like Auto-enroll, Chat-n-Pay and now bill reminders, Freecharge is creating new industry benchmarks making Freecharge wallet ubiquitous in consumers’ daily lives.