We’re proud to announce that the growth for Freecharge in terms of reach and time spent ranked first between Oct’15 and Apr’16 amongst the top mobile payment apps, as per data collected from Nielsen India’s passively metered smartphone panel, covering a sample size of 5000+ connected Android smartphone users, in Urban India.The study covers usage of standalone payment apps only and does not include usage of payments apps integrated into third party apps or usage for offline payments (payments as a service).

Our active reach has increased from 17% in October 2015 to 30% in April 2016, the biggest jump among the topmobile payment apps during this period!

Reach graph-01.jpg

*Active reach is the number of people who use our app at least once a month

 In addition to this, we have gained most on the engagement metric as well. Freecharge emerged as one of the most engaging app, the average time spent on the app per month increased from 28 Minutes to 55 Minutes in the same period. The other large player moved up from 52 min to 56 min in the same time period. We believe that we have made big jumps in reach certainly due to our superior User Interface.

Time graph-01

Our core philosophy is focused on making transactions swifter and more secure. A number of features such as On the Go Pin (patent pending), Speed Pay (making transactions within 10 seconds), first of its kind Social Pay services like Chat n Pay, payments through WhatsApp and consumer engagement initiatives like Data Lifeline have been instrumental in increasing consumer engagement and popularity.


Here’s what our CEO, Govind Rajan had to say about the Nielsen Data:

“Freecharge is driving customer growth through superior user interface. We believe a great user interface, not only promotions, result in sticky consumers. We are obsessed about consumer experience metrics. Transactions on Freecharge take less than 10 seconds and we have industry leading success rates.

We believe we are in the market development stage for digital payments – so in the coming months, our efforts will be aligned to further build awareness and introduce new “sticky” features to build a cashless ecosystem. By contributing to building a cash less ecosystem we believe we will become the no.1 player in the digital payments”


The most recent data for all the top players looks like this:

Reach Apr16-01.jpg

We sincerely want to thank all our customers for the consistent support and we hope to take Freecharge to the next level with continued support from users across India.

Onwards and upwards!


*The Nielsen Informate mobile insights are gathered through a 6000+ member smartphone panel which captures the actual app usage data of the user on a daily basis.   

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  • Sumi Das
    Posted June 30, 2016 at 12:05 am 0Likes

    I Just got lot of information about Recharge Business & free-charge story & everything what company has. thanks for publishing the blog.

    Sumi Das

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