FreeCharge Windows App

As we continue our efforts to make your recharge experience simpler and faster, today we are happy to introduce Voice Recharge on FreeCharge App for Windows Phone.

Voice Recharge is next step in your recharge experience. No more filling long forms, going through multiple steps or entering never ending details – now a single voice command to your phone will complete your transaction! Just say ‘FreeCharge Me’ or any other voice command you have created and its done. We have included a small video to show you how this works.

How to create a voice card:

On completion of any successful transaction on the FreeCharge App for Windows Phone, you will be shown a option to ‘Save as Voice Card’. You can save the voice card by a nick name of your choice, for eg. – “Me”. Or if you are recharging for your friend (say Alok) you can save as “Alok”. That’s it! You can view all your voice cards in the Menu Option. Make sure you have FreeCharge credits available in your account. That makes your recharges fly.

Next time, use the magic of Cortana (Microsoft Cortana or basic speech recognition capability available in Windows Phone). Long press the search button and say “FreeCharge Me” or “FreeCharge Alok” and respective numbers will be automagically recharged as shown in the video above.

Just pick up your Windows Phone, say your magic words and get your recharge done. More to come, till then Keep FreeCharging 🙂