Remember your last holiday to Kerala? The stunning backwaters and golden beaches would have surely taken your breath away! The sturdy green mountains and the beautiful lakes get etched in your memory once you visit the state.

But now, God’s Own Country is undergoing nature’s fury like never before.  Kerala is battling the worst floods the state has seen in more than a century. With over 300 people killed and more than 1 million displaced from their homes, Kerala is in dire need of HELP!

We at FreeCharge are doing our bit to help with the relief operations and we have integrated donations directly to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Flood Relief Fund through our Android app. Just go to the FreeCharge app, click on the banner as shown below and donate using UPI. 

For users who don’t have a UPI ID, clicking on the banner will lead you to creating your UPI ID, which will take less than a minute!

Please go ahead and donate generously, because every bit counts.

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