Anxiety, is a feeling every job seeker would say amen to. At FreeCharge, your experience begins from the moment you are greeted for your interview.  There is a smiling face that guides you through the whole process. Here’s the best part, they take special care to notice the events you had spoken of, and the issues you are facing etc. and make sure that you realize that they are sensitive to your needs and worries.

Then, it’s like the Yay feeling when a kid gets the candy he/she craved for! You get that letter that says “Congratulations!” Ultimate JOY! As for me the day I received that call from FreeCharge was like a pleasant surprise but the experience after is what made it ALL the more spectacular.

I believe, this is true for everyone who joins FreeCharge. Soon after your offer letter reaches your mail, FreeCharge takes you on as its own. There is an immediate bond created that are driven by various programs that are custom made and unique to FreeCharge’s on boarding process. When I say on boarding, do not be mistaken! FreeCharge takes special care to ensure that the person feels at home and is ready to jump on board way before they actually do.

POCE is a special program that is initiated for a candidate who reasonably has a long joining date post offer generation. Via POCE program a new comer gets acquainted with the team he/she will soon call ‘Family’. As part of this program, you are assigned a “Buddy”. This person becomes your ultimate guide for any queries or jitters you get while you wait to join us. Your buddy also might surprise you at times. This might vary from a simple but surprisingly friendly phone call, to a mail that says “Are you up for a Lunch? Let’s get acquainted, say, Tuesday? Let me know!” When it’s POCE, surprises never end! Soon after your buddy is assigned, you might even receive a surprise Goodie at your doorstep! For someone in LOVE with movies… well FreeCharge ensures that you take your break and enjoy the reels before you step in for work.

Your joining date, is no less… how do I put it… loving! There you stand with that one thing you needed, and the overflowing joy spills over, drains down and then anxiety turned joy turns to anticipation. Table and charts are but a few images that fill your brain. Suddenly you’re worried about the job, work environment, people, yes the whole package is plain scary. You walk in, this time you are proud to announce to the receptionist/security ‘Sir, Joining’.

At FreeCharge, you are greeted as if you are already part of the extended family! And your Buddy will be ALL Smiles!

Here’s what I heard when I walked in “I am so glad you are here!” “Here take this! And smile!” “Here’s your bouquet!” “But first! Let’s take a Selfie”, it was a blooming mess of words and I felt like they’re celebrating me! And I am sure there will be more people who can vouch for similar experiences. One warning though! Don’t come in for your joining at FreeCharge with a lot of baggage, when you leave for the day you’ll be juggling bouquets and Goodie bags.

The ultimate incubator!
There is immense need for hand-holding for any new joiner. At FreeCharge, you experience dynamics to such an extent that you couldn’t possibly have expected it ahead of time.  Here, you grow exponentially because the people around you grow at a faster pace at every step. Every employee is an entrepreneur in themselves creating the best product for customers

If you ask me, ‘How does it feel to be a new joiner at FreeCharge?’ Everything you touch seems to be evolving. It’s a fast but forgiving being that thrives on the shoulders of its family. As a new joiner at FreeCharge I am constantly on my toes, my failure areas are being mended, my strengths are being nurtured and I am taught/told every possible time, that it’s not an organization, it’s a dream that came true… it’s not a mistake but an idea that took root and flourished. Then again I am constantly reminded… I am blessed!

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