We all have been through a headache and hassle of paying with cards during a purchase. You dig your wallet for the card, give it to the cashier, he swipes it, and the doomed ‘Transaction Failed’ message appears on the card swipe machine. You then look for your next preferred card and there it is once again – ‘Transaction Failed’! This goes on till he politely shows you the door and requests you to visit the nearest ATM. Not just this, you are unable to complete a transaction when the OTP message is delayed and the shopkeeper tells you to hurry up as there are more people waiting.

Worry no more! Freecharge is here to rescue you from such embarrassing situations. Our ‘OnTheGo Pin’ feature makes all your payment processes swifter and secure and allows you to finish them in less than 10 seconds.


And to your surprise, it even works when you are not connected to the internet! Surprised? We’ll tell you how:

On The Go - Border.gif

Now that you know how it works, go ahead and try it out yourself. We are sure you will never go back to using your card. Enjoy cashless payments with Freecharge. 🙂