Hi FreeChargers!

We’ve introduced one more TVC in the Lo.Do.Khatam Karo series. It reflects on a real life situation that we’ve all  faced at some point of time in our lives.There’s always this one friend who is always fired up while planning a trip. He’d be the first one to say yes to any plan, any idea. Finally, the day comes when you are all set for the trip, are out on the road, and the time comes to pay for say, fuel or food. While everyone else would happily contribute their share, there’s this one friend who would never have money to pay, EVER! And he comes up with the same old boring excuse, “I don’t have money now, I’ll pay you guys later”.

Sounds familiar right? Check out our latest TVC, share it with that guy and go ROFL!


Here’s how you can split your bills with ease:

Open your FreeCharge app, click on ‘Split Bill’, add the total amount you want to split, select the people you want to split it with (Max 10)


Add in the occasion you want to split it for and a notification is then sent to the selected people regarding your request.


A tap on the app and voila! The money is split and paid!


So wait no more, it’s time to say NO to those excuses and #LoDoKhatamKaro with FreeCharge!