Gone are the days when credit cards were seen to be tools that forced you to overspend. Credit card usage has been changed by technology in a very beneficial way. Credit cards may now be used to pay bills, obtain cash, and even transfer rent to your landlord. Paying rent with a credit card might be a lifesaver for individuals who are short on cash at the end of the month. You will not only be able to use your unused credit limit, but you will also receive other perks and advantages.

Why Pay Housing Rent with a Credit Card?

Your paycheck is due in a week, but staying on top of rent can be very difficult. We’ve got you covered by giving you the flexibility to pay rent whenever and however you want. 

A quick and simple way to pay housing rent is now possible with Freecharge. Paying your rent has never been this rewarding! Let us tell you why.

Special rewards on every transaction

Now you can use your credit card as a payment method and as a reward earning machine. Use your existing credit card to pay your monthly rent through Freecharge and get exclusive discounts and coupons from the most popular brands in India.

Instant, convenient rent receipt

No more fumbling for pen and paper to pay your rent. Make it easy with Freecharge’s electronic rent receipt. The status of rent receipts can be checked online without logging in to your account, and all communications are automatically sent via SMS.  

Set up an auto-deduction plan for rent if you wish to and keep track of how much money has been deducted. 

Sealed secured transactions

Freecharge presents a 100% secure and convenient way to pay your rent by credit card, debit card or UPI. You can easily upload your rent receipt or enter the desired amount you wish to pay on our website; we will deduct it from the account you have linked. 

Advantages of Paying Housing Rent with a Credit Card

Builds your credit score

Step up to our unique collection of credit cards and make the most of your everyday spending and start paying rent with credit card. Enjoy a fee waiver period of interest-free credit as well as plenty of time to pay your balance off. You can also combine your bills to avail maximum benefits. The longer you wait, the more benefits you will get. Rent payment through credit card is the new arena that helps you to save a lot of money.

Hassle-free payments

Paying rent through credit card is super easy and hassle-free! With Freecharge’s reusable electronic receipts you can track all your rental payments. The validation process is simple and easy, taking less than 5 minutes of your time. Easy online payment of rental puts you in a much better situation without worrying about security concerns.

Excellent cashback offers

Paying rent with credit card is a great way to earn cashback when decking out your home with the latest trends or simply using it to pay your rent as it comes due.

H2: Multiple and Enjoyable Payment Plans

Maintenance charge waiver

If you’re looking for reward cards with no annual fee and no limit on the rewards you earn, you’ve come to the right place. Pay rent with credit card without fee (extra charge) and a no annual fee credit card gives you a chance to earn rewards and benefit from ongoing offers.

Rent payment – on-time

With the Freecharge app, you can now pay your rent on time and in a convenient way. Choose your due date to pay your rent, track your transactions and receive alerts. Best of all, it’s free, so start paying rent through credit card now!

HRA benefits

Say goodbye to quantifying and justifying your rent payments. Paying rent through credit card is super convenient and easy.

Investing in your home is a great way to secure your future! According to Sec.80C, an HRA exemption of up to Rs.1.5 lakh can be claimed on rent paid and home loan interest with or without a car parking facility.

You can now use your previous year’s income to claim HRA exemption for the next year! Use your actual spending from your prior fiscal year to claim exemption on the rent paid this year.

How is Freecharge beneficial for paying rent using a Credit Card?

Paying house rent has never been easier. With Freecharge’s pay rent option, you can pay rent using a credit card quickly and securely. 

Freecharge Credit Card Offers

You can pay your rent in a flash with your Freecharge wallet at thousands of e-wallet apps across your city. Don’t worry about paying rent the day it is due, whether you’re at home or on the go! There’s no fee for Freecharge users and no hidden charges – that’s one less thing to worry about.

Freecharge rewards

With Freecharge’s seamless rent payment platform, earning cashback or reward points is as easy as paying with the card of your choice!


Your rent will now be paid through FreeCharge. This convenient wallet can make mobile, DTH and data card payments recharge and bill payments. And much more – you can use Freecharge now to pay your loans, insurance and mutual funds too. Just log on to freecharge.com and get everything done in one place!

You are a credible achiever. Rent your home, RIGHT NOW. Thrive in your creative, prosperous den… leave the stress on us! After all, home is where you gather grace. 


Can I pay rent with a credit card without a fee?

If you’re a renter, you know how stressful it may be to pay your rent on time every month. Paying the monthly rent on time may have become a difficult event for some, with the Coronavirus epidemic hurting the finances of the majority of the working class. If you have a credit card, you may pay your rent without worrying about cash or liquidity in this situation. A number of businesses have lately arisen that allow you to pay your rent by credit card for a nominal convenience charge. Experts advise customers to assess the benefits and drawbacks of using credit cards for such services, since they may be required to pay an extra fee to the service provider.

What are some benefits I can avail on paying rent via credit card?

The advantage is that your rent is deducted immediately, eliminating the possibility of you forgetting to pay. In addition, because the rent is kept in the Savings Bank Account, you get 45-60 days of credit. On this sum, you can earn returns. Each transaction may also earn you Reward Points.

Will my credit score be impacted if I delay my rent payment via credit card?

It is a very good idea to pay housing rent using a credit card, but it is a fact that if your payment is delayed, you may face some issues with your credit score. However, it is always a better option to pay your due house rent on an appropriate payment cycle. 

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