Transaction failed but money deducted? We’re here to help you!

Have you ever spooked out by the fact that your transaction failed and yet the money got deducted? Well, you’re not one of the first to experience such situations.

There are numerous reasons as to why some transactions fail and chances are it’s NOT because of the wallet you’re using. Whatever the reasons could be, we’re more than sure you’d be interested in getting your money back in the least possible time.

We at FreeCharge understand the gravity of such anxiety-filled moments and that’s exactly why we have a help center for all such issues. Here’s how you can use it on Freecharge to reach us in a jiffy:

Step 1: Click on My Transactions on your home screen
Step 2: Select any past transaction from the list of transactions
Step 3: Click on ‘Get Help’
Step 4: Select an issue
Step 5: Click on ‘Contact Customer Care’

That’s it! Happy Freecharging!


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