Transaction failed but money deducted? We’re here to help you!

Have you ever spooked out by the fact that your transaction failed and yet the money got deducted? Well, you’re not one of the first to experience such situations.

There are numerous reasons as to why some transactions fail and chances are it’s NOT because of the wallet you’re using. Whatever the reasons could be, we’re more than sure you’d be interested in getting your money back in the least possible time.

We at FreeCharge understand the gravity of such anxiety-filled moments and that’s exactly why we have a help center for all such issues. Here’s how you can use it on Freecharge to reach us in a jiffy:

Step 1: Click on My Transactions on your home screen
Step 2: Select any past transaction from the list of transactions
Step 3: Click on ‘Get Help’
Step 4: Select an issue
Step 5: Click on ‘Contact Customer Care’

That’s it! Happy Freecharging!



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    Sagar Wadekar

    i did a transacrtion using irctc n freecharge but ticket was not booked. i need my money back.

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    krishna chaitanya

    sir, i pay BSNL land line bill via freecharge , by using UPI transaction for cashback 75 rs. but transactions failed for several times and is clearly shown message something went wrong. but really wrong thing happen, amount debited for twice (830 rs) for failure transactions. means i lost 1660 rs. plz help me to resolve issue. i raised 2 tickets for two failured transactions. 2819896 and 2819884

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      That does seem concerning. We’ve notified our team to take up your case on priority! Be assured to get the revert shortly once the details get verified.

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    Ajit suryawanshi

    Hi did recharge of 199 to Airtel prepaid but still balance is not reflected in my account. However my bank account has been debited. Would you please refund my amount

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    Sir yesterday I tried to pay my electricity bill but money deducted from my bank account or that show transaction failed.

    So when I will get my money back in my bank account.

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    Naveen Dwivedi

    I recharge my Bsnl number with freecharge . I recharged it on 9 August 2018 but transaction failed but the money has been deducted from my bank account. I have thought that the money would be returned in 3-4 days but it is not returned. Today is 16 August..Kindly help me .

    My order id:- FCVA180809761079464

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      Sorry about this. The transaction was failed and the amount has been auto-refunded to your bank. Usually, it will take 5-7 business days (National Holidays, Saturday & Sunday not included) for the amount to post to your bank account.

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