Why Refunds Suck
Why Refunds Suck

Ever wonder how life would be had we still been living in the Stone Age – no electricity, no transport, no mobile phones, no internet. Shucks! The very thought of it is horrifying. Thanks to technology and internet, life has become convenient today.

We at FreeCharge respect technology and believe in putting it to the best use to make lives easier. We understand the pain of our customers when they have to wait for their dues – be it recharge or any other service that we provide. Hence, FreeCharge aims at providing better solutions to make your lives more convenient.

FreeCharge ensures that you get your recharge as soon as your payment is through. However, due to a few uncertainties, your recharge may not go through in some odd situations (operator latency, internet going down, the recharge Antichrist, you get the gist). FreeCharge obviously owes you a refund in these cases and diligently initiates your refund ASAP. But not everything is as fast as it seems to be. A traditional refund request is initiated through the payment gateway, which then processes the refund, reconciles it, and initiates the refund to be deposited back to the originating payment source (bank/credit card, etc). As a result, it may take as long as 30 days for your money to reflect in your bank account. And back to the Stone Age we go.

And this is why we believe traditional refunds suck! But have no fear, FCbalance is here (cue applause and throwing of coinage at the movie screen).

FC Balance is here to take care of all your worries and make your life sooper-dooper fast (yes, faster than the Superman of Malegaon). If your transaction does not succeed for any reason, your money gets credited to your FCbalance (locate it under your My Accounts section). You can use FCbalance to pay for your future transactions on www.freecharge.in and thus get your recharges in a secure, hassle free and instant manner.  You actually hit two birds at one go here – avoid the hassle of making a payment using your bank account and eliminate the waiting time for refund to your bank account (feel your IQ climb a bit?).

The natural progression of this feature would be to allow customers to add cash to their FCbalance in one go to make all their future transactions smoother; and also allowing partial payments with their FCbalance. Stay tuned, that’s right around the block.

Feel free to give us your feedback here. We’re always listening.

Over and out.

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